Storm- New pieces full of art

Inspired by the clouds and the sky,

 a blank canvas that we paint with incredible

 textures, bringing down the rain, 

gray skies, lightning and thunder with optimism for 

a new change, a new awakening, a rebirth.

That's STORM ...

After the storm, calm always comes, it is 

enough to observe, feel and appreciate

 those days when the storm speaks 

to us, shows us ...

 there is always much more to learn, 

there are always great opportunities in it.

For some civilizations, such as the Mayan, 


 and their hurricanes served as a 

reminder that there is a superior energy

which is always present, they arrive charged with

 light to obtain a new glow.

The lightning bolt, the basic element of the storm

, is symbolically the action of the superior 

on the inferior, a fast, powerful light that 

speaks of judgment, impotence.

A storm is a subliminal and

 healing moment, it impacts our mood, 

our emotions, always cleaning

releasing and healing.

For you Art collectors, STORM has arrived ...

We invite you to live a new beginning,

 a new awakening, a rebirth ...

Natalia Botero T

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