Since we are born we are Entreaguas which means immerse in water. Over 70% of our body is water. It seems we are made to flow with every current although sometimes we can feel stuck. Natalia has known to read the signs; she's come and gone listening to her artistic spirit and her curious mind. She has known to swim, float and live between her seas. 
She's thankful to her biological mother for giving her the opportunity to live in her womb of water, and even more thankful to her adoptive parents for giving her a life of infinite waves. 
Nothing in her life is disconnected, each turning point and chance event has come together to form a wave of meanings. Her brand is a reflection of artistic parents, a childhood lived around art (guitar, paintings, ballet and textile making) a steel discipline and a firm horizon. By the time she was ten she sewed her own clothes, when she was fifteen she started selling swimsuits, and at 22 she was weaving crochet memories with her grandmother and painting watercolors with her mom; from this aquatic origin ENTREAGUAS was born. From crochet came Macrame, from the watercolors the hand dye, the process wasn't easy and many mistakes were made in order to learn, she had to do all the jobs transform her apartment into a workshop, she had to believe in herself with more strength than ever, and had to endure many waves for her wearable art universe to float and sail calmly.

There are no longer 12 styles, today we have over 250 styles. It used to be her mom, David, her life partner and her swimming against the current, now it's a team of over 38 people. The ideas that come from natural places like beaches and seas, where we paint a sunset and print it on the fabric or draw a temple from Bali and then knit it, several artisans are today the collaborators that help us materialize each idea. Five hours are needed to create each Macrame detail, 25 fabric dyed tests before the final result. The years have brought many rewards, but the art will always be a hand made work, carefully done where love looks like time. The garments are made with the sensibility that only the hands could give. Like the water is always running always looking for a way out, a new line emerged: Entreaguas ExperieSense.
A new universe where Natalia and David are again a team, a team of artists that take an event and make it a story, an experience for the senses. They are not wedding planners. They are the brain of a celebration: they create a concept and around it  create the "mise en scène" for the party. Of course this line includes the same essence: fluid fabrics, macrame weaves, nature, because this universe is moved by art.
It would seem that the secret of happiness is water. Loose, flows and sweeps. it would seem that art is also water, because it releases and purifies. It would seem that Natalia understood everything: Life doesn't stop when you are ENTREAGUAS (immerse in water).
What services do you provide?
Decoration and furniture, swimwear, cover ups, packages for bachelorette parties, customized party and bride dresses.
How much time before the event should I contact you?
For decoration and furniture at least 3 months
Bridal dress: 6 months
Customized dresses for the people invited: at least 2 and a half months.
What is the price range for the dresses? 
Between $ ______ and $ 
From $ 
What are the payment terms for the dresses?
50% upfront and 50% when finished.
Do you assemble and disassemble the event?
Yes, we coordinate everything from the concept to making it a reality and then disassembling everything.
What are the payment terms for the events?
30% upfront, 20% once the concept is approved and 50% when it's all assembled.
Do you have any special packages?
Yes, we have allies and if we work with them there is a discount between 10% and 25%