Hi I'm Natalia Botero, since I was 10 I've been passionate for art and fashion.
I find inspiration everywhere, in the water, the cosmos and nature, I love to develop creative projects.
In love with my best friend and life partner, for whom I'm thankful everyday.
For me art is a way of meditation, finding myself and going to the deepest part of my being. I have an open mind, thanks to my parents, my life teachers that have taught me that my personal and spiritual growth are the key to reach happiness and fullness.
I am in a constant search for beauty, innovation and to give everything I have to offer the world.
I was adopted within a month of birth, the biggest gift life has given me the opportunity to live, which makes me grateful everyday for my existence and for the special people that life has put on my path.
I've said I'm an artist, but I really consider myself a creative explorer, I have expressed art in many ways; I created a Swimwear brand called Entreaguas, this is our Wearable Art Universe.
Welcome to my world, a world who feeds, lives and grows through art.